Sunday, April 16, 2006

15 days..

so its been 15 days since I last posted, lots has happened. Life has moved on and I havent. I wanted to run the 10k but I got injured at exactly the right time to make sure I couldnt train properly for it. Parents are "talking" to me about marriage but Im completely unreceptive. I dont want a marriage till Im done with my masters. Plus I found out that my dad is still smoking even though he says he isnt. I dont know if my dad wants to kill himself or he just doesnt have enough self control to give up smoking. He has been doing it for a while, he has had a heart attack and an open heart surgery. This was one of the reasons I left ny and came back here, not that life in ny was amazing but atleast I had good bookstores and my long runs on the weekend was on the beach and not some treadmill. Enough, if I brood to much longer on this I will probably end up depressed and I dont want that. I want to tell my mom about dads smoking but she just had a thyroid operation and is still recovering. geezzz. why cant life be easy ? Where is that big red easy button that your supposed to push when things get difficult ? oh well bacl to U2 and the city of blinding lights.


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