Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Havent posted in a long time again, work has gotten to the point where I want to shoot myself, and no it isnt because Im very busy its because I dont really have anything to do right now. I have been talking to this guy on face book about religion, he is one of those atheists folks. He also happens to be a philosophy major. Presonally I feel philosophy is a waste of time and anyone who takes it as a major has
1.No talent in science, math or anything that helps make the world a better place.
2.A tendency to talk too much
3.A high probability of being a raging drunkard by the time he is 30.
The best thing philosophy has ever given us was the idea the watchowski brothers took from Descartes for Matrix 1. The whole, what if someone is tricking the mind idea.
Anywho, work is pretty boring, social life is non existant ( I am in saudi arabia after all), my soccer team in the fantasy league is doing alright (93rd %tile) and I havent blogged in a while. So whats up with my life ? Im frustrated at my parents, can't wait to get out of saudi arabia and can't wait to reclaim my life in ny. Not that it was much of a life. I really like the idea of living alone, no hastles to deal with not family problems. Everyone around me seems to be obsessed with marriage. I mean there are worse things then getting married and I would pick it over being boiled alive in tar, but it would be a difficult decision. I mean you want the right balance of things. Someone who has looks, (not miss universe but something that is atleast attractive and wont scare you when you wake up in the morning), likes the same things you like, is easy to get along with, has a personality ... and when your parents get involved everything usually goes to hell anyways. I mean do you want your parents to choose who you will live the rest of your life with ? I mean I dont even like my mom's choice of kitchen cutlery... Should I let her choose my life partner? Maybe I should pretend to be gay... but then again I would be a very very bad gay person. With the exception of Matthew Walker gays are supposed to be clean and care about their looks. Willie walker was probably as messy as any straigth guy can get. eh, this blog is all over the place. oh well more to follow later I guess.


Blogger Kiat said...

The point 1 and 2 sounded just like you dude! You can probably bond with this Facebook guy:-)

To turn gay? Do you need to when you're already having the tendency of being one back in college? LOL! Go give Uzair and Hojung a hug;-)

11:58 AM  

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