Wednesday, June 28, 2006

wikipedia is blocked in saudi arabia, in the words of chris rock "what kind of ignorant a** sh*t is that?" Why would you block wikipedia ? why? why? why ?
I wonder if my blog will get blocked because I'm complaining about them blocking about stuff. That would be like catch 22. They would say change your blog, and I would say I need to access it to change it and they would say change it and we will let you access it. Sounds just like something they would say too....
Anywho brazil is through to the next round, not very convincing but they still got through. I hope they crush the french in the next round. I have had some bad experiences with people from france... and praying for Brazil to win will be my way of getting back at them ... Muwahahaha.
Haven't been to the gym in 2 days so today Im going to do 3 days worth of sweating. If I don't write again for a long time its because I broke my hands at the gym today. I bought a pair of swrimming trunks so on thursday I plan to go swimming. Other then that it was my brothers bday to day so happy bday bro. Hope you'r next 18 years are better then the last 18. I mean lets face it, who would want to run around in there own crap (dipers) puke on themselves and have me for an elder brother. Hopefully the elder brother thing won't change but other things will.
Which brings me to the next random thought have you noticed how diapers can be called pampers? tissue paper can be called kleenex ? coke for softdrink ? sharpie for a marker? weird huh... I wonder if I'm missing stuff in that list. If you have any more please feel free to leave a comment. alright back to perling.


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