Saturday, November 11, 2006

Terrorism is the symptom not the disease

I am amazed by how many people still consider terrorism to be disease that breeds in training camps and madrasas around the world. The fact of the matter is that terrorism is not a disease that people make it out to be. Terrorism is just the symptom of the disease, the real problem is the hypocrisy of how the western world treats the eastern world. By east I mean anything east of the EU. The main battle ground for all these problems lies in the middle east about 1000 miles from where I live. Jerusalem, the land where 3 peaceful religions have shed more blood than all the abattoirs of the world combined. Last week was no different, a family of Palestinians wiped out while they slept in their beds by Israeli army rockets. Ofcourse the Israelis apologized for killing innocent civilians and promised to look into the matter, then they went on bombing the place. Of the 18 killed I remember reading something about 6 of them being children. The youngest being 3 months old. I didn't read anymore, I couldn't read anymore.
There used to be a quote by Mahatma Gandhi in my school text books that went something like ' If you find yourself facing a particularly difficult problem or a problem that makes you doubt yourself do this, try to remember the face of the saddest most depraved human being you have seen and if your decision will have any effect on him or her. Basically will solving the problem you are facing have any affect on that persons life?'. For a long time I did not understand what Mahatma Gandhi was trying to get at, but now I do. I guess it is a sign of me growing up. How does one go from talking about Terrorism to a non violent movement led by Gandhi? I think the two are related in a perverse way..


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