Saturday, July 08, 2006

high school friends & the brown beard

I met up with a couple of high school friends yesterday, had a great time reminiscing about high school, soccer and life in general. The general consensus was that growing older would be alot better if we could all work in the same company where we could slip out of a meeting and go play soccer. My friends seemed to be more interested in why my beard was a dark shade of brown and if I had colored it then anything else I did in the past 6 years since high school. I never have and hopefully never will color the beard. The brown color came about by itself, I never did a thing to it. So I have to admit I look kind of weird . Black hair and brown beard.
Speaking of soccer, the french are in the finals ..... crash and burn fifa, crash and burn.
I fell asleep on the sofa in the womens living room on saturday after work(in my house), I woke up to the sound of my newphew repeating the same word, "Ian" his version of Iron, about 50 times. Why is it that little kids can repeat the same word over and over again without tiring of it ? My newphew calls me Paapi instead of Safi,which is kind of like my nick name at home. The funny thing is that paapi means sinner in Hindi. So my newphew calls me a sinner, I wonder if he knows more then he is letting on.
If there is one thing I hate more then people who smoke it's people who smoke in lavatories. If smokers should be shot on sight people who smoke in lavatories should be sent to a death camp. This death camp would have no cigaretes and therefore I would enjoy watching them suffer without cigarates. The death camp would be a 5 star hotel which had rooms only on the 50th floor and no elevator. The other 49 floors would have large posters of people smoking.
back to work.


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