Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breakfast in Bangalore

Colorfull isn't it? All I know about it is that its the stuff I had for breakfast yesterday and today. and most of it is made from rice. South Indian dishes tend to be spicier than north Indian dishes. I read somewhere that the closer you get to the equator the spicier the food gets. I noticed that fruit juice is way more popular that soft drinks here. I asked around and found out that there was a big controversy a while about pesticide content in soft drinks and since then people here have more or less stopped having soft drinks. Apparently some states in India banned soft drinks and the supreme court said that since the level of pesticides in those drinks was below the government recomended limit the states couldn't ban them.
but .. why is there any pesticide in my pepsi or coke at all? I mean there is pesticide and the government knows about it ? why didn't someone tell me ? I mean .. geez I can brew up conspiracy theories up the ying yang with this one. Makes me wonder what else the government knows about but won't tell me. Are there pieces of minced eye brow hair in my pudding ? are there chicken droppings in my vegy burger ? is gasolene really extraced from the carcases of dead cockroches? I mean come on.. I need to know things like this.
On the topic of soft drinks, why are they called soft drinks ? what's so soft about 'em? In a recent study it was reported that women who drink such "soft" drinks are more likely to face orhtopedic problems in life. Went to the gym at the office today, a very very sad gym. Well it had a decent treadmill and a working shower so I won't complain too much. Alright, back to the ho hum of life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh well, if you can have a finger in a cup of chili because the lady thought she could sue the restaurant and make a fortune out of it. Or how about cows in the farms were (are?) fed with food that contains the organs/meats of their own kind, why am I not surprise?

anyways, looking forward to your yin-yang conspiracy theories:-)

12:02 PM  
Blogger syed said...

wow, I forgot all about the finger in the chili.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

soft drink as opposed to hard liquor maybe?

yummmm that food is making me hungry

2:01 AM  
Blogger syed said...

Yin, you are probably right. Compared to hard liquor pepsi probably is a soft drink, But then orange juice should be considered a softest drink right?

5:44 AM  

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