Thursday, July 13, 2006

keeping it short

It's really hard for me to keep my blogs short. I mean once I start writing it's hard to stop. All these wonderfully weird thoughts keep popping in to my head. This will be my attempt to write a short blog.
Yesterday I went to bed right after getting my second world of warcraft charachter upto level 21 and yes, I am a nerd. It was around 12:00 am, got up around 7.30 am and got ready for work. worked till 4.30 pm got back home. went straight to the gym. Spent a good two hours sweating, came back had dinner and got on the computer again. Watched Hood Winked and got to bed.
If I keep this routine up for too long my mind will probably melt...


Anonymous Uzair said...

That's great dude, stream of consciousness blogs are the best of all.

8:58 AM  

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