Saturday, July 22, 2006

triathlon plans

This past weekend, since I had not recovered from the strained calf muscle completely, I decided the best way to get some excercise was to go swimming. About 3 minutes into the swim I realized my younger brother was about 10 times better at than me. I spent about half an hour swimming and since I suck at it, most of that time was spent catching my breath. I really need to improve my efficiency. My problems are that I don't breath correctly, I don't use my legs enough and I waste too much energy trying to keep my head above the water. So needless to say at the end of each lap I am gasping for breath. I really do want to get better at it since one of my goals in life is to take part in a Triathlon which involves a significant swimming portion. So here is my workout plan for this week.
Saturday - swim 20 minutes & weights (upper body, back & biceps)
Sunday - bike 30 minutes & weights (lower body, quads & thighs)
Monday - run 5 km & weights (upper body, chest and triceps)
Tuesday - rest day.
Wednesday -swim 30 minutes & weights (upper body, shoulders and calves)
Thursday - bike 20 mintues.
Friday - long run 10 km.
I will try to post on how each of these events go. In asian families, as a general rule, being fat is a sign of being healthy. Being thin is seen as a sign of being weak. We had guests come over this weekend and they started the dinner conversation with "wow you have become weak". Now I really wouldn't mind someone saying " you have become thin" but just assuminig I am weak is annoying. I didn't really mind it soo much but they kept going back to the same topic and my dad decided to join them and then it really started getting on my nerves. Then everyone was surprised when after dinner I excused myself and went back to my computer game, world of warcraft. Lovely escape from the real world. Books, computers games, music and the gym. Aslong as I have these I can live in Saudi Arabia.
The business manager came over and took my pencil. He was explaining some new service and borrowed my pencil to draw a diagram. All I could think of during his rant was "He wants my pencil". At the end of it he said "Please let me know what you think by the end of the day". I have absolutley no idea what he wants me to get back to him about and I want my pencil back. I have other pencils but that one was my favorite. I will sneak into his office and get it back. Stay tuned for further developments.


Anonymous Aya said...

Good luck with your training for the triathlon. I am personally a big fan of running and semi-addicted to the "runner's high" Nothing feels like it!

5:11 PM  
Blogger syed said...

I agree. There is nothing better than hitting that second mile and feeling the adrenaline rush. I usually huff and puff my way to the second mile thinking why am I doing this and as soon as rush hits I think "oh, that's why" :)
ps I got my pencil back.

12:40 AM  
Blogger Kiat said...

WOW? What a game that ruins millions! I'm glad that I learned my lesson while playing Diablo/Dialbo 2 and am not part of the madness of WOW LOL!

7:13 AM  

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