Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eid !

Eid holidays finally got over yesterday. Eid is our, Muslim, version of Christmas or Hanukkah. It was good to take 10 days off work. I didn't do anything particularly interesting, went for a picnic, played cards with a couple of friends, played a lot of video games, spent time at the gym again & spent time with my younger brother who came back from college for the holidays. We usually get money for Eid from our family friends and parents, but since I have become an earning member of the family I had to pay out as much as I got. It was all good though, I remember how much fun it used to be when I would get money as a kid. Near the end of eid everyone always got together and compared how much money they got. I saw the news and was very disturbed to see that Eid in Sudan, Iraq & Afghanistan would be a very somber affair. The Bush administration now wants to blame the government in Iraq for its failings in that country. What the heck ??? You put them in power and then blame them when they don't have any real power. Accountability without power sucks, I know what it does to leaders. The country is already headed towards civil war and finger pointing won't help.
In lighter news, I have decided to start doing some art. I used to be pretty good at it as a kid but I haven't done anything since freshman year in college. Sometimes I think architecture would have been a fun field to be in. But then again I think that I wouldn't have been able to get through those long reviews and sleep while working on a model. Some of those archi's were walking zombies before their review week. I plan to go to the gym as soon as I get back home today. Hopefully I will be able to get into better shape before the trip to India in 25 days.
Also to everyone who stuck around thanks(yin, uzair, kiat & others that will remain nameless) I plan to be a bit more punctual in my postings from now on.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"The Office"

I am writing this blog in Microsoft word and will post it up later, I am doing this because at work I want to look like I am writing a document for marketing or I am writing something important for someone. I have also started watching a show called “The office” and I usually watch it at the office. Amazing show…I usually just end up giggling quietly at my desk.. It’s like that laugh that you just can’t let out so your face turns all red from the effort of keeping a straight face and your co workers wonder if there is something wrong with you. The show is a must see for anyone that works in an office. It is right up there with “Office Space” as one of my all time favorite workspace related comedies. I think everyone should watch this show, it’s on NBC and I have to thank a friend, who shall remain anonymous, for introducing me to this show. Thank you, friend, for introducing me to this great show. I just watched episode 2 of season 3 (latest episode out). Having seen all the other episodes of all the others seasons I have to find a new way to feed my addiction now. The show is great because you don’t have to see it to enjoy it. You just have to hear it, it could just as well be a radio show. As all of you can probably tell work has been really slow recently. I spent yesterday comparing server features of HP servers. I came to the conclusion that HP 580 servers are not worth the price unless you upgrade them all the way. Go with the HP 380 otherwise. This is great topic for a blog. The HP 580 vs the HP 380 generation 5. wow… I think I will save that one for when I have decided to kill myself. That will be my goodbye blog entry to the world as it will be proof my social life has gone from zero into the negative.