Monday, April 02, 2007

Quack with a medical book

The doctor, I visited, was a complete imbecile. Well maybe not a complete imbecile but an imbecile all the same. When I first got there he asked me what the problem was and I explained the Plantar Fasciitis , the symptoms I noticed, my prognosis and what I had been doing to take care of the problem. (I keep thinking should have studied medicine) He noded his head all this while and then said we need to get you an Xray. My thought was "It's a tendon injury you moron, an MRI would be better". But I played along, after all, he was the doctor and I was just a kid with an internet connection. So after needlessly subjecting myself to Gamma radiation I went back to the doctor. Now, when I was talking to him the first time I got the impression that he didn't know much about the injury at all but when I got back, boy, he was a veritble encyclopedia on it. But he still didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. His final advice was "Continue everything you were doing and you will be fine"
Thanks Doc. The first doctor I have seen in about 6 years turns out to be an idiot. Anyways, I can't go to the gym yet since I'm waiting for the foot to heal. In other news I'm still waiting on the American Embassy to return my passport, it's been almost a 3 months. How long can it possibly take to stamp a visa?