Monday, July 18, 2011

Back by unpopular demand

I haven’t updated this blog in a while so here is a brief rundown of what has happened in my life since the last update.
1. Finished my MBA from Duke, met some great people and had a wonderful time learning new things.

2. Realized that an MBA in Saudi Arabia isn’t the easiest thing to market. It’s not a very liquid market, people don’t change jobs easily.

3. My sister moved houses, while helping her unpack we found a box labeled “Not spices”. It didn’t contain spices.

4. Bought DDR (dance dance revolution) for my PS3. Played it for about ½ hour and then stopped trying to “learn” how to dance using it.

5. Related to 4, I’m now sure I’m artistically impaired. Found this TED talk:

6. Bought a Blackberry. I can now check my email from the bathroom and since I do my best thinking in there, I may post my next blog entry from there.

7. Bought a Vibram five fingers shoe, a unique running shoe that actually reduced the symptoms of my plantar fasciitis. Very counter intuitive, reduce the cushioning your wear and get better results.

8. Had a possible employer poke holes in a paper I wrote for my finance concentration. A very embarrassing situation. On the bright side, I learned more from the questions he asked me than I did from some of my finance classes.

That’s all for now.

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