Monday, August 18, 2008

Gold Medals

So India won a gold medal, population of 1.3 Billion and we are over the moon for winning one measily gold medal. Our first individuals gold medal too, we got one for hockey but that was a long time ago. We didn't even qualify for hockey this time, we Indians should just quit sports. We should stick to becomming engineers, scientists and doctors and leave sports to countries and individuals that have the time, money and dedication to do it well. Our biggest argument is
"We don't have the kind of funding that is needed to do well in sports". A flawed argument if ther ever was one. In cricket, which has massive financial support, the players are horrible we just lost a test series to Sri Lanka and a started the one day series by scoring 140 something and losing again. So money isn't it, it must be something else.
Jamaica, which has a population of about 3 million, already has 4 medals, 2 of which are gold. One Indian city, Mumbai has about 4 times the population of the entire nation of Jamaica. Yet, we still can't find the athletes to compete on a world stage. I'm sure India isn't devoid of world class athletes, I'm sure that we have enthusiats that are willing to train hard and sacrifice things in order to excel in their chosen sport but there is something holding them back. I believe the problem comes down to corruption, my cousin's friend's sister's boy friend gets first priority in the team. If it isn't a direct relation like that, then we can be racist by region/ religion/ aquilinity of nose/ style of jeans you wear/ color of incissor. I mean what is a nation really? An apt description for India would be, as William Ralph Inge said it, "A nation is a society united by delusions about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors". So my solution to winning more in the Olympics is to break India into smaller countries. Each country with no more than 3 million people. Ofcourse this means Mumbai/Bombay/what the hell you want to call it should be broken into 4 parts. I can already think of the 4 parts too, the middle class, the poor, the really poor and the ultra rich.
Well as usual this blog is all over the place so I'm going to quit while I can still see the sense in what I'm writing.

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