Sunday, January 28, 2007

My study schedule for the GMAT.

Been following it so far, still a while to go yet.
2/15/2007 Test day
2/14/2007 Revision
2/12/2007 computer adaptive test 3:
2/11/2007 computer adaptive test 2:
2/10/2007 computer adaptive test 1:
2/9/2007 paper test 9:
2/8/2007 paper test 8:
2/7/2007 paper test 7:
2/6/2007 paper test 6:
2/5/2007 paper test 5:
2/4/2007 paper test 4:
2/3/2007 paper test 3:
2/2/2007 paper test 2:
2/1/2007 paper test 1:
1/31/2007 Practice test 6:
1/30/2007 Practice test 5:
1/29/2007 Practice test 4:
1/28/2007 Practice test 3: score: 660 better but not quite right yet.
1/27/2007 Practice test 2: score: 550 not paying enough attention while giving the test.
1/26/2007 Data sufficiency revision: done
1/25/2007 Problem Solving revision: done
1/24/2007 Geometry revision: done
1/23/2007 Critical reasoning revision: done
1/22/2007 Algebra revision: done
1/21/2007 Sentence Correction revision: done
1/20/2007 Arithmetic revision: done
1/19/2007 Reading comprehension revision: done

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scary but funny

My sister teaches two small girls (probably around 7-10) as a part time thing. I had the chance to meet the two last week when I was at her place and she was teaching them. I started talking to them about how school sucks and how all classes should involve alot of ice cream and choclate syrup and after about 5 minutes one of the girls said "You know you look really scary but you are funny" Then the other one said I thought you were here to fix the bathroom. The next day I got both of them ice cream and My sister was furious because I was interrupting the "class" and distracting her students from understanding the rules of English grammar. Anways, back to studying for the GMAT and subject verb agreement for me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I finally did it, I registered for the GMAT. The test will be on the 15th of February at 9:00 am.
This means I have about 30 days left for the test and I have to start studying. I was started studying for it a while back but I realized that I wouldn't actually sit down and study for it till I had a test scheduled. So from now on I will be breathing, eating and sleeping GMAT. I paid $250 for the test so I better be ready for it. I have decided to apply to 5 schools.
1. NYU (Dream on)
2. IIT (Don't make me go back there)
3. AUS (American university of Sharjah, the name says it all)
4. Pace university (A decent school, stone throw away from where I worked in NY)
5. Backup school, any old school will do.

I will start studying today so wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Can't post comments into blogger2

Any one know what to do about this? I can't post any comments it keeps giving me a "cannot display the webpage" message. Very frustrating and annoying. Until I resolve the problem I have to apologize to everyone for not being able to post comments or replies. To make up for it I have posted two pictures. The above picture is a view of Riyadh from on top of the tallest tower in Saudi Arabia. The one below is my sister in the walk way of the bridge that connects the two towers.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


If BC is before christ and AD is after christ what's the time called when he was alive?
Eid break was fun, Went to the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and got a nice view or Riyadh. It was fun, we then prayed on the 77th floor so I can say I have prayed in the highest mosque in the world world. Well there could be one in the Himalayas but since I don't know of any I will say this was the highest in the world. Anyways, gotta get out of work.