Monday, November 17, 2008

The death of destructive innovation

I have alot of things that I can write about in this blog including my sisters marriage, my new position at work, food poisoning and blood letting. But what I am going to talk about today is destructive innovation and how everyone is out to destroy it.
Fact is, we need destructive innovation. We need to see entrepreneurship at work and we need to see how we respond to adverse situations. If during our bleakest hour all we can think about is saving the rich then the bad guys don't need to win. The global economy will shrink, we all know that. The next couple of years will be tough for nearly everyone. I say nearly because someone always figures a way to make profits. Even now, the companies that sell canned, frozen foods are making a killing. Gun companies are doing really well and "Living off the land for dummies" will be on best sellers list shortly. So where am I going with all of this, My view on the matter is that you can't bail everyone out and if you are willing to bail out the big boys for making bad mistakes than why not the little guys? Little guys can be just as stupid as the big guys. There is something to the argument that if the big guys fall more people will fall with them, but even if the big guys stay standing there will be massive layoffs and people won't see things getting better if the monopolies stand as is. Bailing out the little guys will be harder logistically but it might be better in the long run. I'm not entirely sure where I am going with this rant but I believe that destructive innovation is a powerful force for the betterment of humanity in the long run, and just to be clear "I believe" is not the same as "I know", there are very few things in life that I know and alot of things I believe in.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

100th post

With this post I will celebrate my 100th posting on my blog. I think a great business idea would be to offer people a hard cover bound book of all the blogs they have published, I know the plan will make money since most bloggers are a bit narcissistic and would love to have a book about themselves written by themselves. I know exactly what I would do with it too!, I would give it to some one as a gift on their birthday and watch their faces fall when they realize that it was a book about the other by the author containing his mindless ramblings :)
Anyways, I guess I should mention that my younger sister will be getting married this coming Thursday and that both her and my future brother-in-law are really excited. Another arranged marriage in the family, nothing exciting about it in my view. Exciting would be them eloping and getting married in Taif (think of Vegas but without the Casinos) But they both seem happy so I am happy for them, being the brides elder brother it becomes my task to take the groom aside and threaten him with bodily harm if he ever does anything to my sister that would hurt her, but I get the feeling that this is just elicit laughs from everyone in the family. So maybe I will just challenge him to a wii tennis match and consider my duty completed.
I ran 10 miles with the Riyadh Road Runners yesterday. It was a pretty good run I think, the weather was amazing and brunch afterwards was also good pretty good. I made good time I think, I completed the whole thing in 1 hour & 38 minutes, slightly better than 6 miles per hour which is my goal for the marathon. I also registered for the Dubai marathon yesterday, I had promised myself that if I got to November 31st without injuries I would register for the marathon, so true to my word I registered and without fail I woke up today with every muscle on my body sore. I think my body knows that by registering I will put it through a lot of punishment in training so it's getting back at me even before I start training seriously. Damn mind and body connection..
I really am glad I found the Riyadh Road Runners, gives me something to look forward to every two weeks :)

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