Sunday, June 28, 2009

running away

I have often thought about it, running away from everything and everyone I know, just keep going and never stopping. I tried a small experiment once while I was working in Chicago, Instead of getting off at my regular on the green line I would just sit and get off at the next stop. Didn't happen. We were doing a big code release at work that day and I couldn't be late. I didn't try it again.
What kind of a person can loosen his/her mental/physical attachments to the environment so much that they can just leave their daily life and never look back? Jack Kerouac once said something like If you own a rug you own too much. I wonder what it would be like, to run away. I guess it would be very liberating for a few moments. I read a biography called "The Last American Man", the guy rode a horse all the way from one end of the US to the other end. I guess the heat in Riyadh (close to 50C) is getting to me. I need a vacation in some place cool. Some place nice where I can just relax.
In other news, I was accepted in Duke University for their Cross Continent MBA program starting this August. I'm still waiting for the loan information to come through so that I can make a final decision about attending, I really want to do it and I was pretty anxious about the whole thing till I remembered a Hadees that basically said " The pens have been lifted and the ink has dried" basically meaning our destiny has been decided. How does one reconcile destiny with free will? Bah... too many thoughts for one post, specially one written after such a long hiatus.