Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chinese toys and nuclear fall out.

In case of nuclear fall out surround yourself with Chinese made toys. Should soak that radiation right up! Looking for a cheap way to lead line your basement? Use Chinese toys. I should send this stuff to Chris Rock.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


After about 2 months of nothing I have a few things to report.
1. I bought a Nintendo Wii. Apparently I'm 32 Wii years old.
2. My new place rocks, it's on third floor and I (Almost) never take the elevator.
3. Work is going good and I wrote an article on the Penryn processor for the bank's magazine, The article still has to be accepted, apparently I'm the first person to ever submit an article to it. They usually just get things from Forrestor and other research firms and print it.
4. My gym membership is about to end and I'm going to try and find a place closer to home.
5. The Indian and Pakistani cricket teams should not play each other, actually they shouldn't play regular cricket at all. They should stick to the weird form of the game they seem to be good at, the 2020 thingy.
6. I hate the word "thingy", but I can't live without it.
7. While the rest of the world was busy talking about the iPhone my parents went out and bought me an i-mate Kjam. Apparently the salesman told them that it was the greatest cell phone under the earth. In other news I hate salesman but I am grateful to my parents for the gift. I dropped my Moto v3x and was making do with an alternative Nokia before I bought a new Moto to replace the V3x.
8. For some reason I'm weirdly attached to Motorola, During college we used the Motorola processors to study micro processor design, and a lot of people from my college work there. But I never got an interview even though I applied to every job they had on their web site, including cell phone dropper, so shouldn't I hate them?
9. Bah, I'm bored...
10. Going back to work.