Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy b'day to me

Happy b'day to me
Happy b'day to me
I live in a zoo
I look like a monkey
and smell like on too!

December 28th folks, To celebrate my b'day I will be spending the day working with motorola trying to launch a service that my company doesn't want anymore. Yay!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My contribution to the world of aviation

Just an idea, but I think airplanes with see through bottoms would be a fantastic idea. I mean you have the whole roller coaster thrill with the landing and takeoffs and breath taking views when you are way up high. Call me crazy but I think it would work.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last blog from India

Waiting for my connecting flight to Riyadh in Mumbai/ Bombay. I never did figure out why the changed the name of that city. It's not like Bombay woke up one day and realized that the name wasn't good enough. The only reason I can think of is, post September 11th, the word Bomb in a city name is cause for concern. But the name was change before September 11th.
Anyways, the CEO of the company I work for came into the office today and I heard him speak about his background. The guy has been in the financial field for over 30 years and got started in the London school of economics. Then did postgraduate work in Harvard in psychology before doing a degree in law. He was asking around about where people want to be in 5 years time and I could think of one thing, I want to done with an MBA in 5 years. I guess that's as good goal as any. I am torn between waning to stay in Saudi Arabia with my parents and moving to NY to do my MBA. I know one thing though, if I were to do an MBA, I don't want it to be a distance education thing or in some crappy college.
I love this executive lounge, I had to upgrade my flight from economy class to executive class because they cancelled my reservations for not reconfirming 72 hours in advance and by the time I tried to book the flight again the economy class seats were all full. I got a great deal though, I upgraded my flight from Bangalore to Riyadh for about $60 or about 3000 rupees.
Anyways, I realized that the domestic air terminal in Bangalore has better stores than the international terminal. Kinda sad, they have no real book stores. They had one measly little store where I picked up an Asterix comic book, Asterix the Legionary.
Oh, and I am reading a book called "A Brief History of everything" by Bill Bryson just started reading it so I won't say much about it till I get further into it. But I liked what I have read so far. But one sentence that struck as being something very obvious but something I have never thought about, We are all composed of atoms that are not alive but we as a whole are, if we were to use a really small tweezer and remove our atoms one at a time we would end up with really fine atomic dust that, and none of those atoms can claim to be alive. In some ways this reminds of the object oriented programming. It is a programming paradigm that basically says small parts come together and interact to solve a difficult problem. Modeling real world objects is easier using this paradigm.
Alright, My next entry will be from Riyadh, about 2800 km or 1721 miles away.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

still running

In college I realized I would never be as fast, as strong or as mentally disciplined as some of my friends were. I worked out in the gym often, and saw people who started with me woring with twice the wiegth they did in 3 months, while I was stuck where I started. So it was with great delight that I found something that I could consider myself to be good at, I was okay at soccer but most of memorable moments were accidents, not related to skill. I got lucky and everyone thought it was skill. I was on the IIT soccer team because I got lucky during the tryouts. Running has been my main sport for a long time. Running is different, I can force my body to listen to my mind when I run. I can tell my body to run faster now, slower now, climb now and stop now. I can see improvements in my workout after 2 weeks. I know all sports are a form of competition but running is something where I only compete with myself. The only reall oponent is the stop watch and if you hit the runners high, even time doesn't matter because you start to enjoy the action of running for action itself. It truly is an amazing feeling, I discovered that I can force a runners high on myself when I've run for about 2 miles, I can think of certain thoughts and then I feel a kind of euphoria wash over my brain, it's like waves of adrenaline are passing over my brain. When I hit that moment in my run I feel like I can run forever at whatever pace I choose. It lasts about 45 seconds to a minute, but in that minute I can really turn up the pace. The thoughts that trigger it can stem from almost anything, Usually though they are motivating thoughts, so I would encourage anyone who wants to experience it to get to that 2nd mile and to think of the most powerful motivational thought that you can imagine . I don't know if it would work or anyone else but I know it works for me.While I was going to the gym in Riyadh I started having pains in the area behind my knee. The pain became persistant to the point that I couldn't walk straight after a run anymore. I was depressed since I couldn't figure out if this was a permanent injury or something temporary, I couldn't find anything online about it and started wondering if this injury would stop me from running permanently. Then the really depressing thoughts started to hit me, what if I couldn't play soccer or basketball any more? Granted there is alot more to life than sports but it has been a major part of my life till now. As it turend out all of that was for nothing, I ran about 5km, a bit over 3 miles, in 30 minutes yesterday. Not the fastest I have been but just a couple of months ago I wasn't sure if I would run again I was elated and just thought I would share this.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Thirsty in Bangalore?

Thirsty in Bangalore? cool off with a coconut water drink. The real & authentic thing. They just chop off the top of the coconut, put a straw in and give it to you. All you have to do is drink the refreshing, slightly sweet, water like drink. It's supposed to be really good for your stomach.
Next we I shopping and fell for the oldest gimmick of 'em all, put kittens in a shop and 10 times our of 10 I will enter that shop and buy something. But can you blame me? I mean look at them !
I wanted to grab both of them and run out of the store, but I thought that would make the mommy cat really sad so I didn't do anything. Next, I went book shopping, I'm like a girl (yeah U.A. I said it) gone shoe shopping when I am in a book store. Oh well, back to work. I can write more about my weekend but I will save writing about my other adventures for a boring day when I won't have anything else to write about.